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The Thomas Guide with John Thomas is your daily roadmap to navigating the world of news, politics, business, technology and culture. Every week this Political Strategist who is a native-Angelino and culture buff, will guide you through an entertaining road trip with plenty of surprises. Tune in to hear John's play-by-plays on President Trump's journey in the White House and beyond. Even though John is in the driver's seat as your guide to the world, he always wants to hear from you, his passengers! Let him know what you want to hear more of, what you think of his weekly political predictions. You can also catch John on with KFI's Bill Handel and Fox News. #ThomasGuide
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Oct 21, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas unpacks the latest from the White House - Chief of Staff Mulvaney walks back quid pro quo statement from Friday. Will it pass the sniff test?

Bernie's Blowout NY Rally. Thomas will explain if it actually matter to the race for President and how the Mayor of San Juan hijacked rape survivor rhetoric to use in her climate change messaging.

And Thomas shows how AOC unknowingly argued for school choice.

Lastly, Kamala chokes on CNN. You're not going to want to miss it.

Oct 18, 2019

Political strategist John Thomas breaks down the major stories of the day:

Tulsi Gabbard attacks Hillary Clinton after she calls her a Russian asset.

The G7 controversy. Should Trump reverse course and cancel the event at his resort? Yang gets his first SuperPAC despite his pledge to abolish them. CNN's April Ryan slated to appear at a Pete B fundraiser. What the heck.

Oct 18, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas explains why Medicare For All was designed to be ambiguous and it's causing a problem for Warren. Also Thomas examined Biden's finances and explains why he's in deep trouble.

Obama endorsed Trudeau but not Joe? Why this is such a blow to Joe.

AOC and the squad backing Sanders might just be the gift Warren needed.

Oct 16, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas reacts to tonight's DNC debate with key takeaways and analysis.

Oct 15, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas explains why Warren's claim that Facebook should regulate political ads isn't just wrong, it's dangerous.

Hunter Biden steps down from Chinese Equity board but is it enough to stop the damage to Joe?

Biden takes credit for impeachment. Does he deserve it? And Bloomberg is telling others that he might run. Will he?

Oct 14, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas explains the real impact of Trump's Hunter attacks on Joe Biden in his primary.

What must Biden do to reclaim the front runner mantel at the upcoming debate? Thomas does a debate preview of what he's watching and puts a strategist's hat on to break down the do's and don'ts.

Plus Thomas breaks down the latest polling to shed some light on what voters really think about Sanders age, Biden's ability to connect with "folks like me", and who can best stand up to trump?

Oct 11, 2019

President Trump in Wisconsin at a rally finally says something political strategist John Thomas been saying for week and Elizabeth Warren makes a good joke at a CNN town hall and ends up making a Republican argument but wraps it around gay marriage.

Oct 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren lies to a reporter and Thomas calls it out.

Political Strategist John Thomas explains why Biden finally supports impeachment and Biden is about to go nuclear on Warren. What will he say, why and will it work?

Kamala is dealt yet another blow Thomas explains.

New shock Fox News Poll showing 51% want Trump removed from office. Can it be true? Should team Trump be worried?

Oct 9, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas breaks down the latest on impeachment and whether Trump not complying with the Dems is a smart political move. While Hillary floated a potential rematch in 2020 Thomas explains what's actually going to happen and Thomas unveils the major news in the race for 2020 that no one is talking about.

Also, Bernie has a rare moment of honest about the future of his campaign you're not going to want to miss.

Oct 8, 2019

Thomas breaks down whether or not Warren can actually beat Trump and dives deep into the third tier candidates like Andrew Yang, Marianne and Deblasio. Is there a path forward for Yang? Thomas breaks it all down.

Oct 7, 2019

Why Is Elizabeth Warren's campaign surging in the polls while Harris implodes? The two campaigns took dramatically different paths and one has paid off. Thomas explains what choices each campaign and why one worked and the other failed. You're not going to want to miss this campaign dissection.

Oct 6, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas breaks down the latest on the Sanders campaign, what his options are going forward and explains if Sanders has a shot or should just drop out. Also, Thomas explains why Kamala Harris is giving Biden a pass on the Ukraine Scandal.