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The Thomas Guide with John Thomas is your daily roadmap to navigating the world of news, politics, business, technology and culture. Every week this Political Strategist who is a native-Angelino and culture buff, will guide you through an entertaining road trip with plenty of surprises. Tune in to hear John's play-by-plays on President Trump's journey in the White House and beyond. Even though John is in the driver's seat as your guide to the world, he always wants to hear from you, his passengers! Let him know what you want to hear more of, what you think of his weekly political predictions. You can also catch John on with KFI's Bill Handel and Fox News. #ThomasGuide
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Dec 31, 2019
John explains why Joe Biden's idea to have a GOP VP is pure poppycock and Pete B goes on the attack against Biden with careful precision. Plus a flashback to when Pete was wrong about the founding fathers.
Plus, John goes into the worst political predictions of 2019 and his own predictions for 2020.
Dec 30, 2019
John goes in depth as to why the damage would've been worse in a Texas church this weekend has there not been a good guy with a gun and why the left's goal of weakening the 2nd amendment is exactly the wrong policy to keep us safe.
John deconstructs the concept of fairness relating to jurors in the senate impeachment trial.
And retail crime soars in California because of liberal policies while Pete B. tacks hard to the left on drug possession.
Dec 29, 2019
Trump tweeted the name of the whistleblower. Will there be blowback and why did Trump tweet it in the first place?
John was on Fox and Friends First where he named the biggest political losers of 2019. You're not going to want to miss it.
Plus, Hunter Biden is named in a lawsuit for being linked to multiple criminal probes. Is it true?
Dec 26, 2019
Thomas goes into depth about the methodology behind focus groups and whether or not they are still an effective tool to use in political campaigns? 
John's conversation with KFI's Bill Handel and the blockbuster shopping numbers are out! John explains why the numbers were so strong and it's in line with underlying economics and public polling we've seen recently.
Dec 25, 2019
The new federal homelessness chief slams California's leaders for not handling the homelessnes crisis while the population in the state decreases for the first time since 1900.
Also, Scam PAC's are stealing Trump's name. Is there anything Trump can do about it and how should the average donor sort it out?
Dec 24, 2019
New reporting reveals that Warren is a walking hypocrite and held her own pricey fundraisers before she announced her campaign for POTUS. Plus Biden's superpac goes dark in Iowa? JT explains why.
Bloomberg has launched his own secretive digital agency called Hawkfish. JT will explain why and what they'll be doing to help Bloomberg win.
Obama is praising Warren behind closed doors. JT explains.
Biden has trouble drawing crowds in Iowa but will it matter?
Dec 23, 2019
John goes into the launch of the 6th branch of the military, Space Force. It's funded and a major accomplishment Trump will surely brag about.
Star Wars tanks over the weekend. John goes into the real reason he thinks it tanked.
Thomas explains why impeachment will cost Democrats house seats and goes into an impeachment 101 primer.
Politico profiles Joe Biden's spokeswoman but she has a conflicted past with Bernie. John goes into her real motivation for working with Biden.
Scaramuchi blows his political predictions yet again. Thomas explain why he got it so wrong and why the mainstream media continues to feature him.
Dec 20, 2019

John gives his expert analysis of the winners and losers from the LMU dem debate. He deconstructs key attacks and what the lasting impact of the debate will be on the race going forward.



Dec 19, 2019
While the House votes to impeach Trump he leans into it and attempts to spin the narrative in his favor. Is it working? John explains.
New Gallup polling shows Trump's job approval jumps in spite of impeachment.
John explains what to expect next in the impeachment saga.
Dec 18, 2019
As Trump is being impeached today Thomas explains the impact and what to expect next.
Warren changes her position on Medicare for All and mirrors other candidates to her right. Why? Thomas explains.
Last group of Never Trumpers unite lead by George Conway to stop Trump but will it work?
Dec 18, 2019
Thomas explains what Steyer's need to impeach superpac is really doing with their latest national ad has nothing to do with impeachment.
Why isn't Warren attacking Bernie even though they share the same lane? Thomas explains.
The latest DNC debate drama. Thomas goes into depth into what's happening behind the scenes.
Dec 17, 2019
Thomas breaks down the latest polling on impeachment and the minconceptions with Fox News polling showing 50% support impeachment.
He also explains why Deval Patrick thought he could win the Dem nomination and why it isn't working.
Bloomberg's ads are sticking as he's seeing early growth but will it work? Thomas explains.
Dec 13, 2019

Thomas dissects the results of the UK election and unpacks the effect on upcoming 2020 US races. Trump is discussing the possibility to not attend debates. Is this a smart move? And Biden walks back the leak that he'll serve only one term. 

Dec 12, 2019

Thomas unpacks the latest admission by Joe Biden that he'll only serve one term. There are huge political consequences for this move.

Also, John goes through the IG's words and how they directly contradict what Jim Comey has said about the FISA warrants. Plus, Karen Bass admits that she will try to remove trump from office even if he's re-elected.

Dec 12, 2019

Thomas explains why Pelosi out of the blue decided to support the landmark trade deal with Mexico. The answer might just surprise you. Also Trump is dominating in key battleground states. John will break down the latest.

Dec 6, 2019

John breaks down the latest with Biden's Iowa tour and whether him punching back at a attendee will help or hurt.
Pelosi feigns outrage and then pivots back to message.
John explains how the other candidates are profiting on Kamala's demise.

Dec 4, 2019

Kamala Harris drops out of the race for President. Thomas called it way ahead of time and explains what's next for the failed candidate.

Dec 3, 2019

Strategist John Thomas explains whether or not Bloomberg's ads are working as polls begin to break in his favor plus Gavin Newsom is going to Iowa for Kamala Harris but what's his real motivation?
And what's the lasting impact of Joe being creepy? Thomas explains.

Dec 2, 2019

Thomas was on Fox News w/ Ed Henry debating whether or not Bloomberg should join the DNC debates and Biden's new slogan.
Also Biden makes gaffes and sucks on his wife's finger. Creepy or acceptable?
Lastly, CNN commentator makes the case for why Pete B.'s equating gayness to being oppressed as a black person is a huge fail.

Dec 1, 2019

John Thomas filled in for KFI AM 640's John and Ken Show on Black Friday. You're not going to want to miss the mix of politics, weather and shopping madness.