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The Thomas Guide with John Thomas is your daily roadmap to navigating the world of news, politics, business, technology and culture. Every week this Political Strategist who is a native-Angelino and culture buff, will guide you through an entertaining road trip with plenty of surprises. Tune in to hear John's play-by-plays on President Trump's journey in the White House and beyond. Even though John is in the driver's seat as your guide to the world, he always wants to hear from you, his passengers! Let him know what you want to hear more of, what you think of his weekly political predictions. You can also catch John on with KFI's Bill Handel and Fox News. #ThomasGuide
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Nov 28, 2019

John called into KFI's Bill Handel show to share his experience in Iowa.

Nov 26, 2019

John is in Iowa with the 2020 candidates on the trail closely examining their every move. He explains who is winning and why. You're not going to want to miss his insight.

Nov 23, 2019

Thomas explains the latest breaking news about Bloomberg launching a multi-million nationwide ad buy. Will it work and is it all a head fake?

Nov 21, 2019

John reacts to the democratic debate and goes through the winners, losers and key moments as well as the moment that Buttigieg's campaign made a fatal mistake.

Nov 21, 2019

John reacts to the democratic debate and goes through the winners, losers and key moments as well as the moment that Buttigieg's campaign made a fatal mistake.

Nov 21, 2019

John breaks down what he's watching for during tonight's Democratic debate. He also predicts the lines of attack that each candidate will likely use. Don't miss his post debate podcast as well.

Nov 20, 2019

Trump made a last minute trip to see his doctor. Should we be worried?

And Thomas gives the latest analysis on the impeachment inquiry hearings.

Nov 19, 2019

John breaks down the latest explosive scandal and will tell you if it passes the sniff test.

Democrats are focus group testing their impeachment hearing language. John will tell you what they are learning.

Also, Pete B is surging in Iowa but will it last?

Nov 16, 2019

Politico skewers Kamala Harris' campaign org but is it fair? John will break it all down. Also John's debate with Bill Handel about impeachment and it's effects.

Nov 13, 2019

New polling shows Buttigieg surging in Iowa but does this change anything? JT breaks it down.
Also Schiff is going to accuse Trump of bribery this week. Why and will it hurt Trump?

Nov 12, 2019

Thomas unveils the GOP's messaging strategy to take down the democrats impeachment inquiry that starts this week.

Biden makes his best argument yet by attacking Warren and big govt but will it work?

Deval Patrick is likely to enter the Dem primary race but is it too late and is he the spoiler than promises a Warren victory?


Nov 11, 2019

Political Strategist goes in depth about what's going on inside Bloomberg HQ and will the reaction over the weekend be enough to get him to officially pull the trigger? What are weak kneed candidates looking for when they make the go or no go decision?

Also quid pro quos are fine when democrats do them but not Trump. JT rolls a montage of times when the 2020 dems openly bragged about quid pro quos.

Kamala Harris is blaming her poor poll performance on low name ID. This is totally wrong and JT explains.

Nov 8, 2019

John Thomas discusses Bloomberg's entry to the Presidential race with KFI's Wayne Resnick and analyzes whether or not Jeff Sessions can withstand attacks from Trump during his bid to recapture his old senate seat.

Nov 7, 2019

Strategist John Thomas explains the impact of Andrew Yang going on the airwaves in Iowa. Will it be enough?

Thomas exposes MSNBC's hypocrisy when attacking Lou Dobbs and deconstructs the fake news pushed about Trump's impact on Bevin in Kentucky.

Plus the DNC pulls out of UCLA for the upcoming debate. JT explains why.

Nov 6, 2019

Political Strategist John Thomas breaks down the an Anderson Cooper interview of the Mooch and explains why the idea to even have him on prime time television is so ridiculous. He then shreds the Mooch's arguments.
Don Jr's favorite democrat is revealed.
JT explains what really happened last night in Kentucky's gov race.
Two billionaires discuss Warren and Trump on CNBC. JT will explain what they did right and wrong.
Can polls account for the voters lying to them about their trust support of the President?

Nov 5, 2019

John Thomas goes through the latest NYT state by state polling and explains what to take away from the latest info.

He also unveils the secret sauce to creating a winning campaign message.

JT plays a montage of when the MSM attacked Trump and defends Warren's Native American DNA. He explains why moments like this truly damage the medias credibility with Americans.

Julian Castro lays off staff and Steyer is accused of stealing. JT explains.

Nov 4, 2019

Pete B said on HBO's The Circus that the race for POTUS is now a two person race but is that true? Strategist John Thomas explains.

Beto drops and JT explains the real why plus when will Kamala call it quits?

Nov 1, 2019

Thomas plays his interview with Bill Handel on KFI AM 640 where they debate impeachment, Kamala's imploding campaign and Pete B's future in politics.